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Advance Booking for PET/CT

Why do I need to book PET/CT in advance?

PET/CT is an advanced and crucial test used by your doctor to plan the next steps in your cancer treatment. Each PET/CT scan requires specific doses that are ordered the night before the test, tailored to each patient’s needs. This customization necessitates advance payment and precise scheduling. Additionally, these doses are time-sensitive and may deteriorate if appointments are missed or delayed. So patients need to arrive on time for their appointments.


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why Scan4Health?
  • Minimal Wait Time
  • Swift and Accurate Results
  • Low Radiation Exposure
  • Free Pick-Up & Drop*
  • Free Doctor Consultation
  • Team with 12+ Years of Experience
Which Machine do you use?

GE Discovery IQ Gen-2

At Scan4Health, we’re pioneering the future of diagnostic imaging with the Discovery IQ Gen 2 PET/CT scanner. This cutting-edge system boasts industry-leading high NEMA sensitivity for superior small lesion detection. Combined with high clinical NECR for enhanced Fluorine-18 (F-18) imaging, Discovery IQ Gen 2 empowers our team to achieve exceptional image clarity.


What can I expect during and after the scan?

During the scan, you will lie comfortably on a table that moves through the scanner. You may need to remain still and avoid talking or moving to ensure clear images. After the scan, you can resume normal activities unless instructed otherwise by your healthcare provider.


Know Your Doctor

Dr. Charu Jora Goyal

Over 13 years of experience in Radiology
Dr. Charu Jora Goyal, MBBS, DRM, DNB, is a Senior Consultant at Scan4Health, specializing in Nuclear Medicine Onco-imaging. With a passion for providing comprehensive diagnostic services, Dr. Goyal brings over 13 years of experience to her role. Throughout her career, she has worked with a diverse range of tracers in the field of PET imaging, including Ammonia, F-DOPA, F-Choline, FDG, NaF, Ga DOTANOC, Ga PSMA, F-NOTANOC, and FPSMA.

Dr. Goyal’s enriching professional journey includes tenure at esteemed institutions such as Army Hospital (AHRR), Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, and Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket, Delhi. She pursued a clinical research fellowship under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Abass Alavi at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, further enhancing her expertise in the field. Dr. Goyal has also presented several scientific papers at international and national conferences, showcasing her dedication to advancing medical knowledge and practice in Nuclear Medicine.

A skilled and compassionate caregiver prioritizing patient comfort, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each case.


PET-CT Refund Policy

The PET-CT medicinal dose, such as FDG/DOTA/PSMA, are time-sensitive and may deteriorate if appointments are missed or delayed. Therefore, the following policy applies:

  • In the event of a same-day cancellation, no-show, or late-show, the amount paid for the PET-CT medicinal dose will be forfeited.
  • To avoid forfeiture of the PET-CT medicinal dose amount, please inform us at least one day prior to any impending cancellation or rescheduling.
  • Cancellation charges of Rs. 5000/- will be applicable in case of no-show, late-show, or cancellation after 8 pm the day prior to the scheduled PET Scan appointment.

Please read the full Cancellation and Refund policy before booking.

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Book your slot for PET/CT Test

Book your slot for PET/CT Test

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